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Order Samsung Unlock via IMEI

Unlock any Samsung phone to use on any carrier from the comfort of your own home. We factory unlock your Samsung using the IMEI so it’s remotely unlocked on Samsung servers (official method). 

Unlock Guaranteed or your money back


Order Unlock

Provide us with your phone’s IMEI number and model, review available unlocking options and finish placing your order. 


We work. You Relax.

We’ll begin processing your unlock and keep you updated the entire way, so you can relax and do other things. 


Phone Unlocked

Your phone is unlocked automatically (or you’ll receive an unlock code) so you can switch from Verizon to any carrier! 

Priority Unlock Any Samsung

PriorityUnlock offers the fastest Samsung unlocking service with the first priority and direct connections using the official IMEI unlocking method used by carrier & Samsung.


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We Can Unlock Samsung from Over 250 Carriers

PriorityUnlock vs Other Unlock Service

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Internationally Unlocked

Your samsung phone will work with any carrier's SIM card around the world.

Easy and Hands Off Unlocking

You don't have to do anything other than order. We do ALL the heavy lifting to unlock your Samsung.

Keep Your Samsung While Its Unlocked

We remotely unlock your device via IMEI, so you can keep & use it while we unlock it.

Permanent Unlock

Our unlocks are network-based, and permanent so you can update your phone like normal.

Warranty Unaffected

We use the official IMEI unlocking method, which does not affect your Samsung warranty.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If we can't unlock your Samsung phone, we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Other Unlock Services

Regionally Unlocked

You not be able to access mobile networks in other countries or regions

Requires Technical Skills & Windows PC

You do the work, requiring some technical skills and knowledge, and a windows PC.

Send Samsung To Them

You may need to send your phone to a company or shop to get it unlocked.

Temporary Unlocked

Once your phone updates it may overwrite their unlock and re-lock your phone. No bueno my friend.

Warranty VOIDED

Unofficial or hardware unlocks may void your warranty, and risks bricking your Samsung

No Refunds Even If Unlock Fails

Don't issue refunds if they can't unlock your Samsung, or give you the runaround while blaming you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed or Your Money Back

We guarantee to unlock your phone or we’ll refund you every penny. We genuinely mean it — a true 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Questions You May Have About Samsung Unlocking

Frequently asked questions about Samsung Unlocking Service

Unlocking your Samsung phone with PriorityUnlock couldn’t be easier, the only details you will need to get started is your IMEI number and the name of your carrier provider. Priority Unlocks will scan local databases to retrieve your unique 8 digit Samsung unlock code (also known as a Carrier code) using the exact method that your carrier provider uses.

Yes, PriorityUnlocks guarantees permanent IMEI / network unlocks with a lifetime warranty.

You can find your Samsung phone’s IMEI number in one of the following ways:

  • Dial *#06# on your phone and note down the 15 digit code that is displayed.
  • You can also find it printed inside the battery compartment or underneath the battery itself. This is another common way for many devices and is sometimes labeled as the ‘IMEI/serial number’ or ‘MEID’.

If you don’t know what carrier your Samsung phone is locked, you can order our Premium IMEI Checking service, which will all details about your Samsung phone including original carrier provider, unlock status and unlock eligibility, and a $10 credit on any unlocking service.

Prices for Samsung vary depending on the carrier and device model. For up to date prices on your Samsung phone model and carrier, please follow our easy online ordering form above.

Nope. We can lock your Samsung phone online without ever seeing or touching the phone. We only need your Samsung’s IMEI number and will provide you with the Unlock code you need to remove your phone’s SIM-lock.  You will be notified by text and email with unlocking instructions. 

You will not experience any interruptions to your existing service.

Yes! Unlocking your Samsung phone is completely legal, all major carriers have endorsed the IMEI unlock standard.

  • In the US, unlocking phones became officially legal in late 2014 and carries no restrictions.
  • In Canada, new law came into effect on December 1, 2017 which legalized unlocking for all wireless devices.
  • In the UK, all major carriers (O2, EE, Vodafone and Three) have made it legal for their customers to unlock all devices.

For all Samsung phones, we will send you your unlock code and easy to follow instructions via email once we have finished the unlock process. For most models it usually takes less than 24 hours.

No! Unlocking your Samsung device does not require any rooting, jailbreaking, warranty voiding or complicated software hacks of any kind. All we need is your Samsung device IMEI number and we can get started immediately.

If you submit an incorrect and invalid 15 digit code for any reason, our team will email you to request the correct IMEI when processing your order.

If by change the incorrect IMEI number happens to be VALID and we process your unlock order — that’s a tricky situation and we’ll do our best to find a WIN-WIN resolution (and help unlock the correct phone).

Yes! You can always track your unlock status by logging into My Account section of our website (log in using the same email and password you used during checkout).

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