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Provide us with your phone’s IMEI number and model, review available unlocking options and finish placing your order. 


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We’ll begin processing your unlock and keep you updated the entire way, so you can relax and do other things. 


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Your phone is unlocked automatically (or you’ll receive an unlock code) so you can switch from AT&T to any carrier! 

PriorityUnlock offers the fastest AT&T unlocking service with top-priority and direct sources using the official unlocking method used by AT&T. Keep your phone throughout the entire process. Unlocks are automatic or via NCK & MCK unlock codes sent to your email. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Unlocked or Your Money Back

We guarantee to unlock your AT&T phone or we’ll refund you every penny. Unlock confidently with PriorityUnlock, with our no-fine-print 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 


Frequently asked questions about AT&T priority unlocking service

Can I unlock my AT&T phone if its on an Active Contract?

Yes, we can unlock your phone on AT&T , even if they have an active contract or unpaid phone. You will still be responsible for any financial or legal obligations from your contract, but your phone will be unlocked and able to use any other carrier’s SIM card & network. 

How Long To Unlock My Phone?

1 to 3 days on average, but can be faster (30 minutes) or slower (4-5 days) based on demand and priority.

Unlike other services, all of our unlocking requests are given the highest priority so you get the fastest official unlock. 

Will My AT&T phone be unlocked permanently?

Absolutely. We only use the official IMEI-based unlocking method for AT&T , which means once your phone is unlocked, it’s permanent. We back this with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Is Unlocking my AT&T phone Legal?

Yes, unlocking is 100% legal. In the US, phone unlocking was made explicitly legal in 2014 by the FCC

Of course, our priority unlock service is 100% legal and uses the same official unlocking method used by AT&T and other networks.

Can you unlock an AT&T phone under someone else's name?

Yes, we can unlock anyone’s phone. You do not need to be the AT&T account holder to have a phone unlocked. As long as you provide us with the correct IMEI number and details, we can unlock it. 

Do I have to ship or mail you my phone?

No way Jose. You keep your phone at all times. We don’t need to touch it or even access it. Our service is IMEI-based, so it’s 100% remote.